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Our Story

Welcome to Tube Productions, where our journey in the world of audio began as an idea between Andres Ali Ananias and Deniz Donat, both sharing a passion for music since childhood. In 2019, while studying at the Fine Arts Faculty of Dokuz Eylül University in İzmir, they realized their shared dream of a career in music and sound.

Andres had already started his audio journey in 2015, honing his skills in recording and mixing songs. On the other hand, Deniz brought a deep understanding of jazz theory and extensive experience as a jazz, blues, and rock guitar player to the table.

In 2019, the duo sought ways to monetize their musical talents. They explored platforms that, despite their popularity, were flooded with high competition and less-than-optimal service quality. It was in this environment that they had a stroke of brilliance. They envisioned a custom ordering system, allowing customers to choose their desired audio services, specify their preferences, and get a precise quote – all on a user-friendly platform designed specifically for their needs.

As the idea evolved, they welcomed Can Serezli, an old friend and university classmate, to join their project. Roles were distributed fluidly among the team members, reflecting their versatile talents. Andres took on the role of sound designer and audio programmer, while Deniz became the main composer and producer, and Can excelled as the recording, mixing, and mastering engineer.

Their journey led them to work on a diverse range of projects, spanning from short film and video game projects, to song production, mixing, and mastering. In 2023, they remain dedicated to providing exceptional audio solutions across various media, ensuring that each project they undertake receives the utmost attention to detail and creative expertise.

Tube Productions remains innovative, always seeking new ways to serve their clients better. Their core system of customized audio services endures, with plans to expand into offering pre-produced content such as sample packs, beats, and jingles in the near future. Additionally, Tube Productions is on the path of audio programming, ensuring they can seamlessly contribute to game productions, even without tools like Wwise.

Join us in our journey to explore the endless possibilities of audio creativity, backed by years of expertise, dedication, and a love for music and sound.

Our Team

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Deniz Donat

Deniz Donat, co-founder of Tube Productions, embarked on his musical journey at age 8, immersing himself in classical guitar. Seven years of rigorous training in classical guitar deepened his musical foundation before he transitioned to electric guitar, driven by his growing knowledge and interest. His passion expanded beyond playing as he explored orchestration and arrangement work while forming amateur bands with high school friends. Following his experiences as a guitarist in various bands, Deniz pursued formal music education, delving into jazz harmony and jazz guitar for two years. In 2019, he began his studies in the Musicology department at Dokuz Eylül University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, marking a new chapter. Inspired by his expertise in arranging and orchestration, Deniz, in partnership with colleague Andres Ali Ananias, founded Tube Productions, where they strive to provide exceptional audio services uniting creativity and technical mastery.

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Andres Ali Ananias

Andres Ali Ananias, co-founder of Tube Productions, is a versatile sound designer and audio engineer with a deep-rooted passion for creating immersive audio experiences. His journey into the world of music and audio began early, driven by a familial background in music. After honing his skills on various musical instruments during his childhood, Andres pursued higher education in Music Technologies. Here, he delved into research and gained expertise in synthesis, sound design, and acoustics. His professional journey led to roles as a mixing engineer for TV series and as a sound designer for short film projects. With a penchant for both music and programming, Andres expanded his skills to become an audio programmer. He excels in audio middleware like Wwise and FMOD, allowing for seamless integration and enhanced sound design in projects. Andres remains committed to enhancing his skills in synthesis, sound design, and programming, offering a wealth of knowledge to Tube Productions’ audio endeavors.

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Tube Productions Logo

Can Serezli

Can Serezli, a valuable member of Tube Productions since 2021, embarked on his musical journey with a deep-rooted passion for music. His initial focus on playing musical instruments expanded to include music production and audio engineering, backed by in-depth research on digital sound equipment, software, and recording techniques between 2016 and 2018. Can’s practical experience flourished as he worked in various studios and live music settings, collaborating with different equipment, venues, and personalities. In 2019, he pursued academic growth by enrolling in the Music Technologies department at Dokuz Eylül University, honing his expertise in recording techniques, voiceover, editing, mixing, and mastering. This practical knowledge allowed him to provide music production, mixing, mastering, and audio post-production services to local bands and studios. Can’s diverse experiences also led him to take pivotal roles in music mixing, editing, and scoring for television series and films, including short and feature films. His journey culminated in his role as a dedicated member of Tube Productions, where he has been bringing his extensive expertise and dedication to the team.